Cocoa-dusted Heart                               Lemon and Cardamom Drizzle with Pistachio

(Left) Cocoa Dusted Heart – Unashamedly decadent, this chocolate, cinnamon and chilli cake is also gluten-free. A lush, grown-up treat. £20

Citrus and Cardamom Drizzle Cake with Pistachio – Moist and gloriously aromatic with a citrus tang, this is low-gluten or can be made gluten-free on request. £1.50 per slice or £15 for a loaf or round-style cake.

Mini Polish Cheesecakes with Poppyseed
                            I Heart Chocolate Cake

(Left) Carolina’s Polish Cheesecake – A delightfully light baked cheesecake topped with poppy seeds. Can be made as a mini (pictured) or full-size cake. £1.50 for a mini or £20 for a full-size cake.

(Right) I Heart Chocolate Cake – An indulgent gluten-free chocolate and raspberry torte with raspberry meringue, chocolate or raspberry buttercream and fresh raspberries layered with buttercream. £40

Chocolate, Cinnamon and Chilli Cup
                                Chocolate and Pistachio Muffins

(Left) Chocolate, Chilli and Cinnamon Mini – A mini version of the Cocoa Dusted Heart, this gluten-free cake is pure, chocolate indulgence. £1.50 each.

(Right) Chocolate, Pistachio and Carob Mini – These beautiful minis have a sublime taste and texture. They are also gluten-free. £1.50 each.

Vanilla Fairy Cakes
                                Breton Butter Cake

(Left) Mini Vanilla Fairy Cakes – A mouthful of delight whatever your age and particularly popular with little girls! £1.50 each.

(Right) Breton Butter Cake – A heavenly and utterly buttery cake based on an original recipe from Brittany. £20. Also available as mini versions.

Chocolate a Trois                          Croque En Bouche with Edible Flowers and Spun Sugar

(Left) Chocolate à Trois – Have it every way with this luxurious gluten-free celebration cake. The bottom layer is chocolate, cinnamon and chilli. The middle layer, chocolate and orange. The top, tower layer is chocolate and freeze-dried raspberry. All painted in carob molasses and dusted in pistachio. From £50.

(Right) Croque en Bouche with Edible Flowers and Spun Sugar – A traditional French-style wedding cake made with crème patisserie-filled choux buns and caramel emulsion. Decorated with edible flowers and spun sugar (3 profiteroles per portion). From £100.